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We strongly encourage you to reserve your car at the time that you make your villa reservation.  The car companies on St. John are small, independently owned companies with a limited number of vehicles.  Each company has various types of vehicles, different closing times and different policies.  To find the vehicle and situation that best suits your needs, it is wise to book early. Choose a car that can seat your party comfortably with room for luggage, beach gear and groceries.  You do not need a 4-wheel drive to reach any of our homes or to go to most of the beaches, though some people prefer 4-wheel. Remember that we drive on the left!

Once you arrive on St. John, your car rental company will pick you up at the dock, if you let them know your arrival time in advance and they are one of the companies that offer this service.  Or, take the short walk to the car rental agency.  In this case, you may wish to leave one person with the luggage at the dock, while another person checks out the vehicle, and then circles back to pick up the person and luggage.

You can then follow your directions and map to your villa.
You will be met at the house to be shown around and learn about activities on the island.

Please let us know which car rental agency you will be using after you have made your reservation. In case of a delayed flight we may be able to help facilitate communication with the car company.  If you need assistance in making a car reservation please let us know. 

St. John Car Rentals in Cruz Bay

Here is a listing of car rentals on St. John:
Please chose a company that will meet you at the ferry dock or is a short walk from the ferry. We will email you directions to the house and meet you at the villa for check in.

Here are some car companies that have suited our guests’ needs:

C&C Car and Jeep Rental 340-693-8164 or
Open until 6pm weekdays, closed on Saturday, open until 5:30pm on Sunday. Located 3 blocks from the Cruz Bay ferry dock. If called in advance of ferry arrival, they will meet you at the dock and drive you to their office any day except Saturday.  Arrangements can be made for after hours vehicle check out.  Do not choose if you arrive or depart on Saturday.

Courtesy Car & Jeep Rental 340-776-6650 or
Located three blocks from the Cruz Bay ferry dock.  Open daily until 6pm with pick up at the dock if called in advance of ferry arrival.   Arrangements can be made for after hours pick up.

Denzil Clyne Car Rental 340-776-6715.
A 2 block walk from the Cruz Bay ferry dock.  Open daily until 5:30pm.  Use only if your flight will be early enough that you can meet a 5pm or earlier ferry, i.e. flight arrives at 3pm or earlier.

Aqua Blu  Phone 340-776-2782 or

Sunshine’s Jeep Rental   Phone 340-690-1SUN or

Click on any of the blue markers in the map below to see details.

View Cruz Bay Car Rentals in a larger map

There are also other car rental agencies in St. John that you may choose to use.  Be sure and ask these questions:

  1. How late are you open?
  2. Are there any days that you are closed?
  3. Will you meet me at the dock or are you a short walk from the ferry?
  4. What arrangements can we make if my flight is delayed and I arrive late?
  5. May we park in your lot when in town?

Renting a Vehicle on St. Thomas

We do have guests who rent their vehicles at the St. Thomas airport.  We would suggest this only if your travel schedule allows.

  1. Your flight arrives early in the afternoon. You will need to allow at least 2 hours or more to pick up your luggage, check out your car, drive to Redhook and catch the next ferry.  Your flight should arrive at the latest by 3 PM to allow time for any delays in flights, luggage or lines.  The last barge from St. Thomas departs at 7 pm but you want to plan on an earlier barge in case that one is full.
  2. Your departure flight from St. Thomas leaves at 10 am or later.  You need to be at the airport 2 hours in advance and you must allow at least 1.5 hours for the barge ride and drive to the airport.  The first barge from Cruz Bay to St. Thomas is at 6 am except on Sunday it departs at 7 am.
  3. You arrive the day before your villa reservation and stay that night on St. Thomas, allowing a leisurely drive to Redhook for the barge to St. John the next morning.

The car barges operate from Red Hook to St. John until 7 pm.  The service resumes again the next morning at 6:30 am, 8 am on Sundays. If your flight is delayed or the last barge fills up before you get on, you will have to leave the car on St. Thomas for the night and take the passenger ferry over to St. John.  You’d then need to return to Redhook the next morning to bring it over to Cruz Bay.  We do have three barge companies on the island and when they are all operating on schedule to Cruz Bay things go smoothly.

However, if one or more of the car barges break down (which does happen) there may be a backlog of people jockeying for a spot on the barge.  You want to aim for an earlier barge.  If you don’t make that one you will still have an option and be in line for the next. 

If you do have plenty of time, there are advantages to renting at the airport.  Prices are usually less than on St. John, you have the ease of handling your luggage just once, and the chance to explore St Thomas a bit if you have time on your departure day.

The barge rate for a round trip to St. John is currently $50.  If you want to keep your options open on your departure time from St. John on your return trip, you might prefer to purchase a one-way ticket which is $30.00. This will allow you to take any barge line that suits your time frame rather than the one that you came over to St. John on. It costs a little more but the flexibility is worth it. Also, expect to pay a $3-4 port fee payable at a small booth at the entrance to the Redhook barge dock.


The first scheduled barge from Cruz Bay to Redhook departs at 6:30AM and generally, every ½ hour thereafter if all barges are operating, though the weekend schedule varies.  Please check the barge schedule at
The barge can take up to 40 minutes and the drive to the airport 40 minutes or more. You should plan to be at the airport two hours in advance of your flight.

St. Thomas Car Rental Companies that allow their vehicles on the car barge. 

Budget 340-776-5774
Rental desk located in the baggage claim area of airport. Open daily 7am until the last flight. Allow all their vehicles to go to St. John. You can purchase insurance and service coverage for St. John. Be sure to let them know you are going to St. John and ask about this coverage.

Avis 340-774-1468
Rental desk located in the baggage claim area of airport. You can purchase insurance coverage for St. John.
Open 7 am to 9:30 pm daily.

Ask any St. Thomas company before you reserve:

  1. Is the vehicle allowed to go to St. John?
  2. Will there be insurance coverage on St. John and on the barge?
  3. If I have trouble on St. John will they service the vehicle there?  Will there be an additional service charge?  What are the costs if I do not accept your coverage.
  4. Will you meet me at the airport?
  5. What are your closing times?
  6. What days are you closed?
  7. What if my flight is delayed?

When at the car rental desk ask for a map of St. Thomas and directions to the Red Hook car barge ramp.

After you have retrieved your car, proceed to the Red Hook car barge ramp.  The car barges are located to the left of the passenger ferry dock parking lot as you face the water.  You will have to pay a $3 -$4 harbor fee as you enter.  You can buy your ticket once on the barge.  You will need to back on the barge and the crew will direct you to park closely to the other vehicles. The last scheduled barge departs Red Hook at 7 pm.


Before you rent a vehicle you will want to find out what your home auto policy covers and what your credit card will cover if used to rent a vehicle in the Virgin Islands. Some rental companies require you to have a copy of your credit card coverage if you choose not to purchase their insurance.

Below is an article that discusses the collision coverage that you may be able to get through various credit cards.

Rental Car Insurance: Which Cards Have You Covered?

As most stateside auto policies and credit cards do not cover liability when renting a car in the Virgin Islands, you will want to look into purchasing liability insurance.

Note:  This information is a general guide only.  We do not guarantee its accuracy as things change all the time.  We welcome your feedback as to additions or corrections.

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