Pebble Cove - Testimonials


"As we awake on the morning of our final day at Pebble Cove, we try to paint a permanent picture in our minds and hearts of all the beauty surrounding us. Watching the sunrise, the water sparkle here, is the nearest thing to heaven on earth. Our children had the vacation of a lifetime and sharing St. John with them was so special. The snorkeling here was the best and the kids were so excited every time they come out of the water. They saw their first sea turtles, sting rays and beautiful fish. But, the most memorable moment was when my sister saw the resident octopus!"

~Sarah, Joe, Sue, Sam and Teddy, Rochester, NY

"We have vacationed a lot in the tropics, about 14 weeks over many years in the Caribbean, Hawaii and Tahiti. This week at Pebble has been our BEST! We really appreciate your house and how well it is equipped, the hot tub, the deck and the privacy. We had all our meals at Pebble. We had the best view and food here so why go out?"

~Dick and Betsy, Lincoln City, Oregon

Paradise is Pebble Cove
Everlasting Family Christmas Memory
Boys of 10 love the water, sea and spa
Best Snorkeling on the Island right here
Lunch Out (Miss Lucy/Vie's/Skinny's) Dine in After
Exquisite Sunsets Every night

Can't beat just staying home at Pebble
Only place to be
Views surround
Everything we need!

~ Hannah, Comilla, Jenkins, Emily, Richard and Raymond, Basking Ridge, NJ

"We'll begin with the end, a perfect rainbow this morning from the hillside on South Haulover Bay to the waters of Round Bay off the corner of the deck. That simplistic beauty and perfection speaks for our 10 days here at Pebble Cove. For the lucky ones that follow us, here are some of our favorite things....Snorkeling: South Haulover Bay was the best, a great variety of fish including the sea turtle, the filefish, the stoplight parrotfish and the triggerfish. Sounds: The soft surf and the birds. Sights: The Milky Way and the stars, cruise ships on the horizon, the water and shooting stars. Pebble Cove is beautiful and magical. Thanks for sharing your island paradise. We'll be back!"

~ Mary and Richard, Denver, Colorado

"I remember walking into Pebble Beach 11 days ago and was so blown away by your beautiful house and wonderful surroundings. Bobby and I looked at each other and said, "Yes, Pebble is where we want to have our wedding!" Considering that we left Manhattan knowing only that we were having a wedding in St. John, we found the perfect place on the island for our wedding. Pebble Cove is a castle above the sea. The stone arch in the living room was such a great place for the ceremony, almost like getting married in a church. Our family and friends came to join us for the wedding and they too were overwhelmed by the beauty of Pebble Cove. We were so LUCKY to have found this villa for our beautiful wedding and the memory will always bring me tears of joy. Thank you!"

~ Bob and Claire, NY, NY.

"Once again we are about to depart from this wonderful place. One year later this island and this picture perfect location has not lost any of its magic and glamour. We are so grateful that you are willing to share this lovely home with us. Pebble was the ideal place for our wedding last year and for our anniversary for years to come. Thank you!"

~ Rodger and Cheryl, New Lebanon, Ohio

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